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The Turner Butler service is free to buyers , our service is clear, simple and fair, no matter how complex the deal.

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How to proceed:

Step 1

Please read the sales details of the business that you are interested in. You can browse our businesses by clicking on the "All Businesses for Sale" link or choose any other category as provided above .

Step 2

Due to the confidential nature of the sales we effect, we need you to sign one confidentiality agreement for each business you are enquiring about in order to receive more information on that business.

A link to the confidentiality agreement is at the top right hand side of the Sales Details page and it can be completed on-line.

Alternatively our confidentiality agreement can be printed, completed, signed and faxed or posted to us.

Please Note : For any businesses with an asking price over £1M we also need you to provide us with a proof of funding letter from your bank, accountant or solicitor stating that you have the funds available or can raise the funds to buy the business.

If you are acting on behalf of a client we need your client to sign our confidentiality agreement as well as yourself.

Step 3

Once your confidentiality agreement is received, the Account Manager for the business you have enquired about, will contact you with further information.

Need Finance to Purchase a business from Turner Butler?

If you are looking for bank finance to fund your business purchase then we recommend that you talk with our independent finance broker.If you would like further information please all us today on 01895 25 6000 or email us at finance@turnerbutler.co.uk

Crowd Funding

Did you know that almost £2 billion of peer to peer loans were made in 2015 and that crowd funding is increasingly the quickest and easiest way to fund a business purchase? For more information please go to www.penshurstfinance.com

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